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350 meters of life, reanimate the Frederic Chopin's street

Diploma project 


Rue Frédérique Chopin, Gennevilliers (France)

Alternativ renovation of the Frederic Chopin's street to make it inclusiv for all the inhabitant of the neighborhood (Les Agnettes). This project has been developed in parallel of participatory workshops together with the inhabitants of the 350 meters to take into consideration their expertise/ knowledge of their everyday's place and desire in the final drawing of the street.

Moreover the project was an alternativ to the project from the commune which has been made previously and which has generated protestation from the inhabitants. This project would have been based on this public project with an adjustment to each measure to a more respectful proposition to both inhabitants and environnement.

The project has also included a gender study in the process and in the final drawing. 

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